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Daily Meeting Tabs


On the ‘Contact Us‘ page there is a map with pins pointing to Meetings that have no current status.
If you were involved with any of these groups or are aware of their current status i.e. have they closed down or maybe planning to reopen?

Please fill out the contact form below the map.

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Meeting Finder Applications

  • ‘Todays Meetings’ – click on tab to reveal the days meetings the three ‘dots’ at the start of the row for ‘More’
  • ‘Daily Meeting Tabs’ to view meetings on any day – click the day tabs to view.
  • Meeting Search & Print application. click here for a ‘Search All Meetings’ finder with a print option.   



Latest info from Public Health England – increases the maximum number of people who can attend an AA Meeting to 30 – subject to discussion with the venue landlord.

Another Chance At Life………  A Video for Young Persons 

© The above video is posted with kind permission of AA Great Britain.