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Daily Meeting Tabs

Daily Meeting Tabs


Zoom is an amazing platform that got AA through the worst parts of lockdown and was a life saver.

Now we are rapidly returning – ‘face to face’ Groups need to pay rent again, so please support them so as they can be self supporting.      

Thank you for your Service

Meeting Finder Applications

  • ‘Todays Meetings’ – click on tab to reveal the days meetings the three ‘dots’ at the start of the row for ‘More’
  • ‘Daily Meeting Tabs’ to view meetings on any day – click the day tabs to view.
  • Meeting Search & Print application. click here for a ‘Search All Meetings’ finder with a print option.   



Latest info from Public Health England – increases the maximum number of people who can attend an AA Meeting to 30 – subject to discussion with the venue landlord.

Another Chance At Life………  A Video for Young Persons 

© The above video is posted with kind permission of AA Great Britain.